Sensitive and confidential documents when shared internally or with external users are always under a threat of unauthorized access and use.

To implement an effective data privacy and protection policy, we need a workable solution that helps in enforcement of this policy. Sealpath provides:


Persistent protection that travels with your document

Keep your confidential documents protected within your company, in the home of an employee, mobile device, cloud, the network of a partner, etc. Your information will be safe from unauthorized access wherever you go.

Secure external collaboration

Share your documents as preferred:Email, USB, Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, etc. Only who you want, and when you want, will be able to access your protected documents.

Remote control of your documents and emails

Limit in real time who canaccess, when, and the permissions over the documents: View only, edit, print, copy & paste, etc. Set expiration dates or destroy them in real time.

Full audit access log

Know who is opening your documents and when. What external and internal users have access to the documents regardless of location. Monitor who tries to access critical documents without permissions.

Easy to use for internal and external users

Protect documents by dragging them to a folder or just with a “right-click”. Access protected documents with your regular tools such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe Reader, AutoCAD, etc.

Reduce risks,legal liabilityand comply with EU-GDPR

Avoid financial losses resulting from negligence and data leaks. Comply with EU-GDPR and otherregulations governing the protection of sensitive data.Gain peace of mind monitoring your sensitive documents.

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