Watchful Software

RightsWATCH exemplifies what today's information security experts know about protecting confidential information. RightsWATCH supports Dynamic Data Classification by automatically classifying data right at the point of origin, the organization has much higher confidence that risk is mitigated and the proper treatment of that information can be applied by users throughout its lifecycle. Besides Metadata, Rightswatch can analyze content and context of information and automatically apply appropriate classification labels accordingly.

Watchful Software is a security company formed in 2012 to help businesses automate the process of keeping sensitive data safe from accidental or malicious loss or damage. Its flagship solution, RightsWATCH is designed to enable businesses to automatically implement security policies for data classification and labelling to meet compliance guidelines. It does this by being both intuitive and seamless for users and allowing security policies to be deployed in real time without intervention from either the IT support team or the user.

Watchful Software's RightsWATCH deploys automatically with no impact on the end-user so compliance is easy and complete.

RightsWATCH is easy to use because it automates the deployment of corporate Data Classification and Labeling policies to existing data and information from the moment it is created.

RightsWATCH streamlines and simplifies the user experience, there is no user input required, no timeconsuming pop-up questions to answer and no judgement calls.

RightsWATCH automation of policies makes an existing infrastructure work better and faster throughout the organization.

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